Create a Yard Sign

Create simple yard signs by downloading this 4 page PDF and following a few instructions:

You can do it too …

  1. Download the 4-page PDF to make this sign
  2. Print on any printer, color or b&w, any will work
  3. Glue to any weather resistant sign backing, about 2 ft. wide by 18 in. high
  4. Spray “Rust-oleum Ultra Cover Clear” or similar (gloss or matte) primarily over the printed portions to make the sign weather resistant; hairspray might also work to provide some weather proofing; use clear packing tape over the edges for additional hold and water-proofing
  5. Post in your yard
  6. Bonus Points: Make extra signs for other friends of Liberty
  7. Bonus Points: Make extra signs and put them up around town

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